Case Study: Google AdWords Analysis

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Google AdWords program is used across the world to track user clickthrough statistics on websites. The return of investment (ROI) from online spending on Google AdWords is indicated on the dashboard. The ROI is calculated only based on the online ad spending and indicated revenue. For a business, the ROI only makes sense if other expenses are also included which can be called “True ROI”. Online marketing campaigns would not be successful on the 1st try. To make the right decision, the data from marketing experiments should be tracked and analyzed carefully to find the correct parameters to optimize the outcome from a marketing campaign. This usually involves enlisting the help of a data analyst. The cost of time involved for the data analyst, when included in the calculation of ROI, would give a better picture of how effective was the online spending.

Original source / documentation of model

Article: True ROI Measurement for E-Commerce Websites Using AdWords, Google Analytics and Excel

Output Type

A list of values given below:

  • Google ROI
  • True ROI
  • Return on Analysis

Libraries Used

Default python libraries