Our Architecture

Python Language
Python Libraries
Amazon Web Services

Python Language

Python, and its extensive ecosystem, allow us to develop efficient and powerful models more quickly than we could with any other language. There are a large number of well established mathematical and data science libraries that can be leveraged quickly and easily for model development and deployment.

On Python vs. R as a Data Science language

We find Python to be the best language to build highly complex, scalable, and fast models. Python’s thriving ecosystem provides excellent tools for data science. While R is popular amongst statisticians, we strongly feel that Python allows better models to be built by our software developers.

On Python vs. C/C++ as a fast language

The libraries that we rely most heavily on have large chunks written in C (Pandas (using Cython), NumPy etc.). If a model does have onerous bottlenecks it’s a lot easier to quickly build the model in Python, profile it and identify these bottlenecks early than to build the entire model in C. Python’s interoperability with C means we can always drop down to that level if we need to.

Quick Production Deployment

Python has excellent web frameworks like Django and Flask that have been used in the industry for years. These have been developed specifically for rapid development and deployment. Sharing the results of a python model over the internet is not much problem at all.

Python Libraries

We install new libraries based on our customer’s needs. Some popular Python libraries we use are:

NumPy, pandas, SciPy, SymPy, Statsmodels, Scikit-learn, Shogun, PyBrain, PyLearn2, PyMC, Bokeh, d3py, ggplot, matplotlib, plotly, prettyplotlib, seaborn, csvkit, PyTables, sqlite3

Amazon Web Services

We use AWS, the same infrastructure provider as Netflix and AirBnB as well as a host of other major tek companies. This gives Expert Models incredible advantages over on premise solutions.


With AWS we can quickly integrate any programming language, web application platform, database, and or services you need.


AWS is distributed and virtual so it has outstanding up time and can scale extremely well. Your Expert Models account will even scale automatically based on your demand.


Your infrastructure is more secure on the cloud because id reduced the points of failure. ASW use physical, operational, and software measures to ensure security.

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