Introduction to Expert Models

A video is worth a thousand pictures, so we put together a quick video introduction to the Expert Models interface.

Is Expert Models a service, product or platform? 

Expert Models is a platform and service. There is a subtle difference between product and platform – we define it as the ability to extend easily as well as availability of our API’s.

In terms of services, we work closely with our clients on setup and ongoing success. A customer’s needs vary greatly – depending on the size of their project or their in-house resources.

Our clients use us because our platform and service answers many of the unwieldy technology question around implementing a data science project. This allows our client focus on the problem and opportunities around their data.

Is the Expert Models platform on-premise or cloud?

Expert Models is a cloud based product. This gives you immense benefits is power, security and access.

Why is my data safe on Expert Models?

An important principles with computer security is reducing the point of weakness. By putting your data onto Expert Models there is only one point of failure and you benefit from the extensive security architecture provided by Amazon Web Services.

What does Expert Models cost? 

One of the opportunities we say when building Expert Models was to attack the high software engineering costs involved with implementing a data science project. We can execute a project up to 90% cheaper than industry average due to our platform.